“Chefs and apprentices from Brigade Restaurant London spent the morning at Rugby livestock market to see at first hand where BPM procure their lamb from. Everyone agreed it was an excellent, fun experience with the chefs learning the secrets of what we look for when we are buying our lambs” – Weston Wright C Humphreys & Sons business started back in the 1920’s moving to their present location of Blixes Farm Fairstead in 1936. Back then the farm mainly consisted of rabbits and chickens but with the outbreak of the Second World War and rationing the business was put on hold until the lifting of rationing in 1954. Today the 500 acre family run farm sees the 3rd generation still farming the land their father did all those years ago but with a modern approach the farm has grown significantly. Rabbits and chickens are no longer farmed but instead the farm is now home to over 500 cattle of mixed breeds including Devon X Angus, Limousin X, Hereford and Short Horn As well as livestock on the farm Humphreys also farms the land, growing wheat, maze, clover and both winter and spring barley, some of which will be used as feed for the animals. Over the years like many other farmers the business has diversified in to other areas. The business now has a modern processing plant where pig farmers in the area will bring their livestock to Humphreys for processing. The pigs are grown on farms close by so reducing the stress the animals would have on longer journeys. A large onsite farm shop serves the local community with fresh produce as well as a variety of homemade sausages, pies and charcuterie.