Red Tractor

Red Tractor is the largest food assurance scheme in the United Kingdom. It ensures food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly. Red Tractor standards cover animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection. The majority of products sold by BPM will have been sourced from farms and wholesalers that are accredited to the scheme.


British Premium Meat’s Welwyn Garden production facility has successfully held this accreditation for past 12 years. BRC is a quality certification program, used by over 22,000 suppliers to the food industry across 123 countries. The organisation’s primary aim is to offer protection for the end consumer by standardising quality, safety and operational activities to ensure food manufacturers and their suppliers fulfil their legal obligations.

For the purposes of certification, the food industry is broken down into five key categories: Food Safety, Packaging and Packaging Materials, Storage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers, and Consumer Products.